April 18, 2012

HCG Diet - Interview with Cyndi O'Meara


The HcG diet is taking the world by storm, it's the latest diet craze where people are reporting miraculous weight loss - up to a kilo a day for 21 days... and we've got the scoop - we interviewed Cyndi O'Meara - Nutrition Expert on the controversial diet, and how she went from non-believer to now stocking it.

How to do the HCG diet:

day 1 and 2

  • load up on fat (yummo!)

Day 3 - 21

  • squirt a few drops of homeopathic HcG under your tongue morning, afternoon and evening
  • eat only 500 calories per day from a very small selection of foods
  • drink plenty of water
  • HCG promotes the release of your fat stores, so you are burning 1,500 calories per day of your own fat, which means you can lose up to a kilo each day
  • Cyndi's drops have other fat burning ingredients in them, as well as mental alertness herbs etc
  • Weight yourself every single morning after your morning pee
  • you should be losing between 200g and 1kg each day as your body resets it's leptin resistance

Day 22-23

  • continue as before, but without the drops

Day 24 and on

  • begin to experiment with foods by adding them into your diet one by one and observing your body's reaction.